CPQ Advance Approval

Advanced Approvals uses approval rules to determine which approvers receive an approval request and the email template used to send the requests. When a sales rep submits a record for approval, such as a quote or opportunity, the Advanced Approvals package evaluates the package’s approval rules. If any of those rules meet their conditions, the rule runs, and Salesforce CPQ sends approval request emails to your approvers. Users or user groups with approval permissions in your org can be approvers. Approval chains allow you to send requests to a series of approvers in sequence. The record isn’t approved until all approvers in all chains have confirmed their approval.

When an approval rule runs, Advanced Approvals also makes an approval record for each approver who received an approval request. The approval record includes information about the status of the approval request as it moves through approvers. Both the submitted record and the corresponding approvals have approval status fields allowing admins and sales reps to track their position in the approval process.

Docusign integration with Salesforce CPQ title

DocuSign eSignature works seamlessly with Salesforce CPQ. Accelerate quote-to-cash by easily creating and sending a quote for signature, all without leaving Salesforce CPQ. DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce CPQ has all the same features as DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce, plus the ability to send quotes for signature from any CPQ quote object.

Product Rule Vs Price Rule Salesforce CPQ

Product Rules for All Occasions

Product rules come in four flavors. Let’s look at the different types and the different ways you can use them to help your sales reps.

AlertShows a message to your sales reps about a potential issue, but allows them to ignore it.Reminds sales reps of an upsell opportunity when they add a specific product to the quote.

Shows a message to your sales reps about a problem they must fix before they’re allowed to save the configuration or quote.Tells sales reps they’ve selected the wrong toner for the printer they’re trying to add, and stops them from saving the illegal configuration.
SelectionAutomatically adds, removes, or hides products during bundle configuration. Also, automatically adds products to a quote.Pre-checks options in a bundle based on the account’s industry type; unchecks and hides options known to be incompatible.
FilterShows only specific products in a feature that uses the Dynamic selection option.Lists only products with a product code that contains the letters “cable” in a mini product selection page.

When CPQ admins talk about product rules, they usually abbreviate the name of the rule. For example, they frequently shorten “validation product rule” to just “validation rule.” It’s OK to call it that. Just remember that it’s really a product rule of a certain type, and you go to the same tab in Salesforce to create all types of product rules.

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